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Hey there! I’m a recovering designer turned marketer with a deep fascination for brands.

Not in the I-love-my-Nike’s kinda way (although I do) but more in the how-do-they-make-me-feel-all-that kinda way.

This fascination has taken me on a wild ride with SteelSeries, an iconic +$300M gaming brand that I had the honour of re-branding when I was just 27.

That same ride took me from Copenhagen to Chicago where I’m now based.

Today I help SteelSeries grow their software business where I led the launch of Moments and Sonar among much more. And on the weekends I’m building TL;DR Media where we make it easy and fun to stay on top of competitive Counter-Strike.

That’s my business snapshot. Curious to learn more? Go on, read about me ︎︎︎


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